The Beacham Story

Passionate about classic automobiles, Greg Beacham was attracted to the ‘Space, Grace, and Pace’ of the Jaguar car. Indeed, while still a student in medical school he began restoring Jags (as well as a Rolls-Royce Phantom II) to an award-winning standard.

By 1988 Dr. Beacham’s hobby blossomed when he started a sideline business offering restoration services for Jaguars ­ specialising in the lovely and versatile Mk II model.
Attractive as they are, Mk II Jaguars have well documented problems – the bodies rust, the engine requires constant maintenance, and interiors need continuous love and attention.

So over the ensuing years the business advanced thanks to the high standard of workmanship and the impressive entrepreneurial skills of Dr. Beacham. Soon he began to promote his work internationally, and the reputation grew. Exports to UK started in 1989, followed shortly thereafter by orders from Japan and the European continent.

For the past 5 years he has poured his energies into an aggressive development programme that has led to the current supercharged V8 project, branded today as the Beacham.

What makes us different you may ask? The Beacham Process of course.


In the delivery of our famous Beacham Marques, here at Beacham we have developed a worldwide reputation for delivering an unparalleled level of service, quality and craftsmanship in the meticulous attention to detail we pay to every step of the Beacham modernisation and restoration process. Simple.


In the beginning, vehicles are selected based on the requirements of the client. We scour the country and the world for a body that can be used as the basis for the client’s car.
These classic marques can end up being hidden in all types of locations – in the backs of garages, locked in storage containers or underneath tarpaulins in farm paddocks.

Once found, the bodies are then shipped to us where a rigorous evaluation process takes place.

Dr Beacham and his team then carefully dismantle the vehicle to ascertain what major structural and rust removal work needs to take place. As you can imagine, for some vehicles, this work is often extensive.

Body Shop

Once the vehicle has arrived and been stripped down of all its elements it is ready for our team of dedicated professionals to carefully manage the process of massaging the body of the car back to its former glory.
This process can often take many months, as each section of the car is worked over, ensuring all rust is removed and replaced with new metal which is then handcrafted to ensure it matches exactly with the shape and functionality of the original car.


Here at Beacham we have, over the years, developed an enviable, often controversial reputation as the specialists in making classic marques live up to the standards of modern engineering – meaning these iconic vehicles can once again be used as everyday vehicles on modern roads.

Paint Shop

Paint is one of those things that when you get it right, you get it very right – and here at Beacham we have a history of getting it very right, every time.

Our paint shop uses discernment and craftsmanship to deliver absolute perfection in the covering of every panel of a Beacham marque with ten or more layers of the world’s highest quality paint. Ensuring a finish and a look that is sure to dazzle aficionados across all areas of the vehicle restoration market.


Once the painting process has been completed, the newly painted body shell is then handed over to our assembly team, who set about installing trim, electrical, body and mechanical components.

A worldwide search carried out by us has identified the best component suppliers available who we use exclusively. Their specialised technology along with our Beacham engineering and flair has ensured exceptional quality is built into each car that leaves the assembly line.

Trim Shop

Here at Beacham we use only materials of the highest quality for the fitout of our cars.

This has been shown in countless examples where we have hand-tailored every piece of a vehicle’s interior to cater exactly to the client’s taste – from subtle and alluring to dramatic and enviable.

We are able to deliver to the client’s specific requirements or offer possible colour schemes that we feel compliment perfectly the attitude and personality of the vehicle and client.


Our electricians are able to rewire the entire vehicle chassis ensuring every loom and fuse is correctly placed to fit within the sometimes extensively modified framework.

Due to this origination position from which we are able to plan wiring work, we are able to include the most modern and sophisticated instrumentations available on the market – from climate control and GPS to Bluetooth handsfree kits or in-car entertainment systems, we do it all.

Road Test

Before we ship the finished Beacham Marques off we take care to ensure that every level of certification has been reached for the market in which we about to send them to.

This involves a rigorous process of road testing on local roads. Fortunately Hawke’s Bay’s local roads give us access to multiple different types of driving conditions from difficult hill climbs to long wide open expanses to allow us to do this.


Delivery can be arranged via shipping container or air freight depending on the requirements of the customer.

We here at Beacham will work directly with the transport providers and the customer to ensure that your new Beacham Marque reaches you in pristine condition and in accordance with the transport timeline specified.