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Beacham E Type

“What we’ve done with this car, is to give an E-type Jaguar the total functionality of a new XKR”.

The BEACHAM E-type is destined for the classic enthusiast who requires reliability along with modern technology and all the mod cons. Plus a serious fun factor.

Perhaps no other car from its era is as recognised – and desired – as the Jaguar E-Type roadster (or XKE, as it was known in America). First introduced in 1961 the E-Type was an immediate sensation. It has a unique shape that owes nothing to anything previous – except of course the iconic Le Mans winning D-type racer. It is a mix of traditions with its lovely oval grille, rounded lines, and long nose. Enzo Ferrari himself declared it to be the most beautiful car ever conceived.

First of all it must be said that the BEACHAM E-type is very rapid transit, 0-60 mph in around six seconds fast. Plus it features superb steering and handling. All because it has been re-engineered from the wheels up and the workmanship is exceptional.

Externally it looks very familiar, the only real giveaways for the sharp-eyed are the contemporary Jaguar mirrors and door handles, the air scoop under the front bumper, and the bigger Jaguar competition tires and chrome wire wheels. (The latter are genuine, and original, Jaguar factory options.) However it is beneath the skin, and inside the cabin where the most obvious visual changes are to be found. Under the bonnet the BEACHAM E-type is crammed full of technology: ABS brakes, traction control, anti-dive suspension geometry and more.

But it is the interior where the achievement really hits home. Trimmed in supple new leather, the modern seats have all the power controls from the current Jaguar. Included is a full complement of comfort and safety systems: Power-adjustable Steering Wheel, Side Mirrors, all with Memory Function; Climate Control and Power Windows of course, even the SRS/Airbag Systems, as well as the addition of a Power-operated Convertible Roof. Topped off with a premium sound system and GPS, all is joy set into a bespoke polished wood veneer dash.

A new subframe was devised to house the XKR V8 and front suspension. The integration of the mechanical components has to be considered a remarkable engineering feat. Underneath the car is a work of art. The stainless-steel exhaust system, with its cross balance pipes, is of the highest order and everywhere there are signs of the closest attention to detail. But exchanging modern technology for old is more than fabricating new engine mounts and rerouting exhaust systems.

As BEACHAM have pushed the technical specification further and further they’ve also had to make quantum leaps in coming to grips with the electronics – now one of the most vital aspects of any high performance/luxury car.

Combining the electronic demands of modern engines, transmissions and systems such as airbags and ABS with existing electronics was a startling achievement for a small manufacturer. BEACHAM have put 5 years of hard development behind them to produce the current models. The BEACHAM E-type pushes that mechanical and electronic envelope all the way to its logical conclusion – a completely new car.

The result is a revelation to drive.

Jam the throttle pedal and there’s a nuclear blast of power. No hint of wheelspin – traction control calms any whiff of that – just a clean, clear blast of raw acceleration. First, second, third, and fourth gears come and go, smoothly, on the inexorable journey to top.

Soon you’re heading for the stars!

“What Greg Beacham and his team of experts have achieved at BEACHAM in New Zealand is nothing short of incredible. The result is an E-type Jaguar that is totally usable on a daily basis, it’s an adrenalin pumper and it’s a far better car to drive in every respect than the original.”


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