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Passion & History

Two generations of obsession with the best of classic British cars

Passionate about classic automobiles, Greg Beacham was attracted to the ‘Space, Grace, and Pace’ of the Jaguar car. Indeed, while still a student in medical school he began restoring Jags (as well as a Rolls-Royce Phantom II) to an award-winning standard.

By 1988 Dr. Beacham’s hobby blossomed when he started a sideline business offering restoration services for Jaguars ­ specialising in the lovely and versatile Mk II model. Attractive as they are, Mk II Jaguars have well documented problems – the bodies rust, the engine requires constant maintenance, and interiors need continuous love and attention.

So over the ensuing years the business advanced thanks to the high standard of workmanship and the impressive entrepreneurial skills of Dr. Beacham. Soon he began to promote his work internationally, and the reputation grew. Exports to UK started in 1989, followed shortly thereafter by orders from Japan and the European continent.

For the past 5 years he has poured his energies into an aggressive development programme that has led to the current supercharged V8 project, branded today as the Beacham.

Today the business is managed by Gregs oldest son, Alex. Having grown up in and around the company he lives and breathes Jaguar (and classic British cars) just like his dad and will continue to develop the Beacham legacy.