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Specialist Workshop

We restore & modernise the finest vehicles in our specialist workshop

In the delivery of our famous Beacham Marques, here at Beacham we have developed a worldwide reputation for delivering an unparalleled level of service, quality and craftsmanship in the meticulous attention to detail we pay to every step of the Beacham modernisation and restoration process. Simple.

In the beginning, vehicles are selected based on the requirements of the client. We scour the country and the world for a body that can be used as the basis for the client’s car. These classic marques can end up being hidden in all types of locations – in the backs of garages, locked in storage containers or underneath tarpaulins in farm paddocks.

Once found, the bodies are then shipped to us where a rigorous evaluation process takes place.

Dr Beacham and his team then carefully dismantle the vehicle to ascertain what major structural and rust removal work needs to take place. As you can imagine, for some vehicles, this work is often extensive.

From this point every detail honed and crafted to perfection. The final result being an impeccably restored, customised marque that is guaranteed to turn heads and provide a sublime driving experience.