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Aston Martin

Since its origins dating back to 1914, the name Aston Martin has conjured up a wealth of motoring tradition and achievement. Aston Martin represents a special breed of car maker, one that has discovered the true meaning of the words “power & style” and has evolved this unique understanding to produce a rich tapestry of Sports Cars. True Grand Tourers in every respect.

BEACHAM, with their origins dating back more recently to 1985, are now restoring the cars that have made the Aston Martin name the most recognisable and quintessential around the world. Situated in the North Island of New Zealand. BEACHAM are now recognised as one of the leading restoration companies in the world.

As well as full restorations BEACHAM are also able to offer an unrivalled list of modern upgrades, all of which are designed to make the experience of driving a classic Aston Martin more rewarding, without losing any traditional ambience. These upgrades can include rack and pinion power steering, air conditioning, electric mirrors and premium sound systems. It is this tasteful combination of the old and the new that takes the BEACHAM restored classic Aston Martins to a new level of elitism.

Exceptional quality is built in to every Aston Martin restored by Beacham. All areas of the rebuild are done at a modern and specially equipped factory, which is also home to a team of world-class tradesmen, whose skill level and devotion is unprecedented.

Panel Beating is carried out using new panels where necessary, modern fillers and seam sealers, along with modern panel beating techniques to return the body to its former handcrafted glory.

Painting is carried out with the aid of a Seetal Low Bake Spray oven. A ten layer painting process ensures a paint finish few other cars can match. A metallic or solid paint finish in any colour is available. At this stage all body cavities are injected with wax to increase the Aston Martin’s resistance to corrosion in today’s harsh environments.

The newly painted body shell then moves forward onto the assembly line, where all sub-assemblies and components have been compiled and await fitting to the shell. The quality of every part and fixing are continually checked during assembly.

The interior of each Aston Martin is trimmed out using only the finest materials available. All seats are rebuilt using new foam. New covers are then hand sewn using only the finest leather hides available. All carpets are English wool, and are bound in leather. Modern insulating materials and rubber seals ensure that engine, road and wind noise are kept to an acceptable minimum.

Full mechanical rebuilds of the running gear are done, with all bearings, seals and other wearable items being replaced.
All engines and gearboxes are bench tested prior to being fitted to the car. Full engine upgrades are also available, including lead free conversions.

After assembly is complete, rigorous road testing procedures are carried out to ensure the reliability of each Aston Martin restored by BEACHAM is up to the highest standard.

All Aston Martin models are able to be restored to customer specifications by BEACHAM.

BEACHAM will also source a suitable car for restoration if the customer does not already have ownership of an Aston Martin.

All restorations are done to a fixed price, with the rebuild process being completed in around 10-12 weeks.

The car can then either be flown or shipped in a container, to most destinations around the world.

Your chance to own a classic Aston Martin restored to the highest level is now here.

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