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Paint & Body Work

Craftsmanship and attention to detail that is second to none

Body Shop

Once the vehicle has arrived and been stripped down of all its elements it is ready for our team of dedicated professionals to carefully manage the process of massaging the body of the car back to its former glory.

Our Body Shop team are experts in all types of steel and alloy body work (including MIG & TIG welding). All body shells are metal finished with special attention being paid to ensure all panel gaps are aligned to exacting tolerances, thus producing  the highest quality body with the most exquisite lines possible.

This process can often take many months, as each section of the car is worked over, ensuring all rust is removed and replaced with new metal which is then handcrafted to ensure it matches exactly with the shape and functionality of the original car.

This stage of the restoration also opens the door to using bold new materials, such as carbon fibre and titanium, to reimagine the classic lines of your favourite British classic with the added benefits of vast weight reductions and performance enhancements.

Paint Work & Finishes

Paint is one of those things that when you get it right, you get it very right – and here at Beacham we have a history of getting it very right, every time.

Our paint shop uses discernment and craftsmanship to deliver absolute perfection in the covering of every panel of a Beacham marque with ten or more layers of the world’s highest quality paint. Ensuring a finish and a look that is sure to dazzle aficionados across all areas of the vehicle restoration market.

Extensive rust proving using advanced marine materials and wax injection means that our paintwork is sure to last a lifetime. We use a full downdraft / heated spray booth system to provide perfect, complete cover with each layer of paint/finish. To top it off, we have partnered with a leading paint manufacturer to develop our own advanced paint system specifically for classic cars.

Our paint and body work are just another reason to choose Beacham for your next project. Get in touch today.