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Beacham CFE

Introducing the Beacham CFE

  • Developed to exploit carbon-fibre composite technology
  • The only company in the world to recreate the E-type using carbon fibre
  • The first new cFE will make its public debut in New Zealand summer 2016.
  • Powered by a Jaguar’s 3.0 V6 Supercharged or 5.0 litre V8 Supercharged derived from the modern day F-type.

Beacham Special Vehicles has revealed the latest chapter in its longstanding history as the company responsible for restoring and producing luxury, high performance classic cars. Dubbed the cFE, the car pays homage to the ethos of the Jaguar E-type with flared guards, enclosed headlights and aerodynamics based on the respective series one and series three E-type models. The car is a result of an intensive development program to produce the world’s first and most powerful Beacham Special Vehicle to date and promises to be a true light weight classic supercar. The car – part of the company’s largest investment program to date – has now entered full production, with deliveries to customers commencing early 2017.

With a carbon fibre chassis, titanium “A” pillars and lightweight aluminium doors and boot lid, the cFE is expected to tip the scales at just over 1,300kg, making it more than 200kg lighter than a V8 Supercar.

“BSV have used latest computer design technology to build a body weighing only 120 kg, but with twice the torsional rigidity of the original body shell. The inner sills shrink to half the original width and body is capable of absorbing 20G on the front, 5G on the side and 4G at the rear
Cast titanium windscreen pillars give good A pillar strength and carbon fibre detachable hard top 2G roll over capability” –
Dr. Greg Beacham, Founder and Chief.

Motivations behind this intensive program are in response to significant customer demand for the E-type. Original examples for the series one E-type has become scarce, much more expensive and requires intensive time to restore to original concourse condition. The main objective of the cFE development program was to develop a reliable, lightweight classic supercar that paid homage to the elegance of the original styling people hold true to the E-Type.

The cFE shares the suspension set up and geometry of the Jaguar F-type, with the front end sitting on springs specifically designed for the cFE, and double wishbone suspension completes the rear.  The supercharged V8 engine will hand the car its performance capability. The combination of light weight technology and 510BHP will enable acceleration to 100kmh in less than 4 seconds. Direct injection technology provides instant acceleration and controlled torque delivery through an electronic differential. An all-wheel drive option is available depending on the customers’ requirements.

The sky is the limit when it comes to customer requirements. Built bespoke, each customer can choose his/her colour scheme and level of specification for their cFE. Engine options include Jaguar’s 3.0 litre V6 Supercharged or 5.0 litre V8 Supercharged with a manual or automatic transmission.  Further enhancements can be made to add visual carbon fibre and detailing. The modern generation of drivers demand the latest technology. The CFE promises a cabin finished in genuine leather with unrivalled safety, comfort and intuitive controls that are expected from a modern road car.

And so, Beacham have done it again, the CFE is its own brand embodying the Beacham heritage, with a focus on carbon fibre technology, enhanced aerodynamics, increased power, track-focused dynamics and driver engagement.

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